Always On

On-demand Technology Support Services

Downtime is not an option. When your system is jeopardized, accessibly and availability to proven technology professionals is paramount. GEM Solutions offers both remote and on-site service 24/7, keeping your systemand your businessup and running.

Remote Support

Our On-Demand professionals are always just a phone call away, providing immediate response and resolution to many issues. Courteous and concise, our team can analyze, diagnose and remedy system issues quickly and affordably with a single call.

On-site Service

When your system requires hands-on service, GEM Solutions is there. Our technicians are Microsoft and Cisco certified, offer years of real-life experience and are able to resolve the most challenging and complex hardware and software issues.

“GEM Solutions was there when I needed them. It was a typical busy Monday morning when suddenly our CAD system failed. Brian was on the phone within 5 minutes and had us back up and working in 30. That’s the peace of mind I pay for.”

—Cyndy Heck, Greenfield Granite


On-demand services provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have immediate access to real solutions. We will have you back online as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption and will ensure the situation is fully resolved.

Flexibility meets Reliability

GEM Solutions offers the best options for your business. Whether you choose to use our On-demand Services as a stand-alone solution or as a valuable addition to our full suite of Managed Services, our technicians always provide the highest level of assistance. Our services can be arranged on a fee-for-service basis as well as monthly service agreements. And we’re happy to work with you to determine which options best meet the needs of your system and your bottom line.

Ready and Waiting

GEM Solutions On-demand Technology Services gives you more than peace of mind – we give you results. From phone support and on-site remediation to flexible service plans, real solutions are never more than a phone call away.

To learn more about how GEM Solutions can help ensure your system stays up and running, contact our On-demand Technology Support Services team today.