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Strategic Project Services

The need for evolving and new technology projects is never ending. Each project is time and business critical. Companies with IT departments are overwhelmed and those without internal IT struggle to stay current without being over budget. Optimal IT impacts worker efficiency, company security, customer service, emergency back-up and even liability protection. With so much at stake, waiting is not an option.

Which is why you need to speak to GEM Strategic Project Services.

The GEM Advantage

Experience and efficiency. Excellence and expediency. Whatever your project, our Strategic Project Professionals deliver highly functional, forward-thinking solutions. Your IT projects need to live beyond meeting today’s needs and provide the flexibility and agility to evolve to meet tomorrow’s demands as well. Partnering with GEM for your projects means on-time, on-budget, highly effective project implementations.

Limitless Capabilities

The number of ways strategic IT can advance and protect your business is limitless – as are our capabilities. Whether your needs are strategic analysis and system design, security or architecture issues, or professional service requirements such as large scale database and email integration or small scale add-ons, GEM does it all. And we do it expertly, efficiently and affordably.

GEM Solutions, Inc. offers a broad and comprehensive array of Strategic Project Services

Network Security

Threats to your system are myriad, diverse and ubiquitous. They are internal and external. And, they are often compounded by government compliance. From ascertaining and reducing internal threats that jeopardize your business, to reducing external issues that can gridlock your entire system, and regulatory concerns such as HIPAA, SOX and other compliance concerns, GEM has highly trained, extraordinarily knowledgeable specialists who can help.

Network Architecture and Documentation Service

Ensure your system is best suited for your business today and can readily adapt for imminent new demands and requirements. Whether your requirements are basic or complex, professional design and implementation of network architecture optimizes functionality. Likewise, complete systems mapping and documentation delineates your most crucial technology and ensures improved management of your infrastructure.

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery and business continuity ensure that your critical business processes are maintained in the event of a disaster. Whether your business requires advanced, real-time server replication or off-site data centers, we can protect against disaster with virtually zero downtime.

Consider It Done

Successful, effective IT projects require more than knowledge; they take innovation and ingenuity.

How can GEM advance and protect your business? Call our Strategic Project Services today.