Specialized IT Services

Managed Services — Sure, you could hire a full-time computer technician to solve IT problems as they occur, but why? We can manage your network around the clock for a whole lot less, and usually resolve issues before they can impact your business.  Our systems perform 24/7 monitoring of hundreds of metrics including disk space, memory utilization, processor utilization, server up/down, site up/down, Internet performance any countless more.  Save money and increase efficiency with our proactive and scalable monitoring services for all critical devices and systems, including:

  • Applications (SQL, Exchange)
  • Business continuity (backups, disaster recovery systems)
  • Desktops
  • Networking (routers, firewalls, etc.)
  • Servers

Integration Services — We work with your software vendors asking the right questions and having the necessary planning to provide the correct infrastructure for installing and implementing of any type of system including:

  • ERP
  • Accounting
  • Manufacturing
  • EMR

Network Architecture and Documentation

Ensure your system is best suited for your business today and can readily adapt for imminent new demands and requirements. Whether your requirements are basic or complex, professional design and implementation of network architecture optimizes functionality. Likewise, complete systems mapping and documentation delineates your most crucial technology and ensures improved management of your infrastructure.

Network Security

Threats to your system are myriad, diverse and ubiquitous. They are internal and external. And, they are often compounded by government compliance. From ascertaining and reducing internal threats that jeopardize your business, to reducing external issues that can gridlock your entire system, and regulatory concerns such as HIPAA, SEC and other compliance concerns, GEM has highly trained, extraordinarily knowledgeable specialists who can help.


Support and Break/Fix Services

Rest easy knowing that your systems are online and optimized with proactive tech support and incident resolution, handled remotely or on-site as needed.